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Feel the gentle Kentucky breeze in your hair as you drive the streets of Florence with the windows down in that next car that you’ll absolutely adore. Discover your ideal auto from the impressive selection of cars in Florence and prepare to go steady with the new car of your dreams.

It’s our ultimate goal to become your go-to Florence auto shopping guide, and we want to assist you in making a love connection with your next car. Search from thousands of stunning pictures of cars in Florence, combined with all the information you require to shop with confidence. Drive around the ever-growing number of Florence-area hot spots with ease, whether it’s a friendly wave at the ‘Florence Ya’ll!’ water tower or a weekend trip to the local shopping mall.

Let’s face the facts – owning a car is so much more than just owning a car. After all, it’s so much more than your car. It’s your friend. To other people you might have a Ford, Honda, Toyota or Nissan, but to you it’s an air-conditioned oasis in the summer and a safe, protective chariot in the winter.

Most drivers spend thousands of hours driving their car every year. That’s over 125 full days spent navigating the streets of Florence! Since you’ll spend more time over the next 5-8 years getting to know your new auto love it’s extra important that you connect with one that gets your pulse rate racing.

So what are you waiting for? Discover your best Florence car today! Select from speedy cars and affordable family cars to hefty trucks and sedans, we just have a hunch that your ideal perfect Florence car is waiting to meet you. Check out our huge assortment of Florence cars for sale to find your new love and take the first steps in an auto relationship that’s bound to stand the test of miles.

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The average American will drive 798,000 miles and own 12 cars in their lifetime. That means they’ll drive on average 66,500 miles per car… better make sure you choose one you love.

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"Thank you so much for helping me find our new Mazda 6 wagon. We got a great deal on it and it's the perfect family car for our little girl." — Brianne L in Austin, TX